Feta is produced in Greece exclusively from sheep’s milk or a blend of sheep’s and goat’s milk. The temperate Mediterranean microclimate, the sun, the biodiversity and the rare floraattribute unique traits to the lands’ fauna, ideal for producing the basic ingredient, milk. For this reason, Feta has a distinct flavor that, cannot be replicated.

Feta cheese

PDO Feta, the authentic Greek cheese, is made out of fresh or pasteurized sheep’s milk or a mixture of sheep and up to 30% goat’s milk


Feta has become a symbol of local cultural heritage and a synonym of the Mediterranean diet.


Feta PDO is a cheese that lets your creativity in the kitchen go free to give a new gustatory dimension to plain everyday dishes

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

Is a name which identifies a product originating in a specific place, region or, a country, whose quality or characteristics are essentialy or exclusively due to a particular geographical environment with its inherent natural and human factors, and the production steps of which all take place in the defined geographical area.

What is FETA PDO?

Feta PDO, a flagship product of Greece, is a white brined cheese which coincides with the country’s dietary tradition and gastronomy and is directly related to Greek history and customs.

Why choose FETA PDO?

• The production of Feta PDO follows the strict European quality and safety specifications under which a product can be certified as PDO.

• Feta PDO is produced in the geographical area of mainland Greece (Macedonia, Thrace, Epirus, Thessaly, Mainland Greece, Peloponnesus) and the department of Lesvos (Lesvos, Limnos, Agios Efstratios)

How can I enjoy feta at the daily table?