Protected Designation of Origin

What are Protected Designation of Origin Products (PDO)?

Wishing to protect local agricultural and livestock products, as well as traditional recipes, the European Union adopted specific regulations that enable producers from every region to present their traditional products highlighting their specific features and special taste. This way consumers are given the opportunity to experience the gustatory culture of each region and to buy quality products, that can guarantee their production, processing and geographic origin.

The Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) indication identifies a product originating from a certain region, area or, in some exceptional cases, a country and whose quality or characteristics are mainly, or exclusively, due to the particular geographical environment, its inherent natural and human factors included, and whose all production steps take place in this defined geographical area.

Why choose Feta?

  • The production of Feta PDO follows the strict European quality and safety specifications under which a product can be certified as PDO.
  • Feta PDO is produced in the geographical area of mainland Greece (Macedonia, Thrace, Epirus, Thessaly, Mainland Greece, Peloponnesus) and the department of Lesvos (Lesvos, Limnos, Agios Efstratios)
  • The milk comes from sheep and goat breeds that graze freely in specific geographical areas in Greece, which stand out for their high biodiversity and special soil and weather conditions.
  • No powdered milk, colourants or preservatives are used for the production of Feta PDO which is free of antibiotic substances as well.
  • The milk, as well as the production and maturation process that must last for at least 2 months, give Feta PDO a unique taste profile, with exquisite characteristics such as full flavour, rich aromas, white colouring and a consistent but wonderfully soft structure. Feta PDO constitutes a unique authentic cheese that every consumer deserves to have access to!
  • Feta is a cheese of high nutritional value relatively low in fat and calories. It also contains B complex vitamins and calcium.
  • In order for a cheese to be registered as Feta PDO, it must be certified as such by ELGO – DEMETER (elgo.gr) which is the competent controlling authority. This certification, together with conformity to internationally recognized standards and protocols for food safety and quality, such as ISO 22000, IFS, BRC ensure that all relevant requirements are complied with during the entire production process, guaranteeing consumers that the Feta PDO they are enjoying is a completely safe, high quality product.


Enterprises certification is renewed every three years provided, that it is established, through controls, that they continue to comply with the requirements of National and Community legislation. Failure to comply with the requirements, leads to certification withdrawal.