Feta PDO FAM Trip to Greece

Within the framework of the European program for the promotion of Feta PDO in the EU internal market, which is implemented by ELGO-DIMTRA, FAM TRIPS were organized, in order people from French and Germany to visit Greece and get to know with the authentic taste of Feta PDO.

The activity was completed in two parts, with two groups of people, from the United States of America and Canada (from June 5th to 11th and from 13th to 16th).

Our guests visited Feta PDO production and marketing chains in Greece, in order to learn about the product as interactively as possible. They visited dairy production facilities, where they were informed about the characteristics of Feta PDO and about its uniqueness against other white cheeses.

In fact, our invited guests became so familiar with the authenticity of the product that they are now able to recognize it when they taste it and recommend it to food blogger, restaurant managers etc., so it can be added to restaurant menus!

They also had a gastronomical tour in the center of Thessaloniki. They ate in traditional taverns and restaurants with modern and traditional cuisine where they tasted Greek dishes! In addition, they had the opportunity to visit the archaeological museum of Thessaloniki and they had a wine tasting at the Gerovasiliou estate!

1st group from June 5th to 11th

2nd group from 13th to 16th