Roadtrip in Greece

5 bloggers and influencers came all the way from the States to join us in an unforgettable roadtrip full of feta and local flavors!

Note that the roadtrip was designed and implemented by the implementation body of the program “Feta PDO. Let’s get real.” along with the supervisory body of the program ELGO DEMETER.


First day: Athens

Arrival at the Athens International Airport of the following bloggers and influencers:  Ms Janet Flecher, Ms Marcia Gagliardi, Ms Susan Nicholson, Ms Patricia Schneider and Ms Amy Sherman


Second day: Athens

Visit to the cheesemaker “Kostarelos” at Markopoulo for some real feta

Dinner at “Kostarellos Restaurant” in Kolonaki with feta being the main ingredient of the menu


Third day: Kalavrita-Patras

Trip to Kalavrita and tour of the cheese factories in the area

Lunch at “To spiti tis Marios” with feta being the main ingredient

Overnight in Patras


Fourth day: Ioannina

Trip to Ioannina and visit to The Dairy School and a cheese factory

Dinner at “Frontzou Politeia” with feta being the main ingredient


Fifth day: Volos

Visit to a cheese factory in the area and a local breeding land

Lunch and dinner at “Giourousi” and “Plageios”


Sixth day: Thessaloniki

Walk around the local food markets with the Chef Ms Smaragda Makri

Dinner at the “The Met” hotel with feta as the main ingredient


Last day: Thessaloniki

Cooking seminar with feta as the main ingredient

Dinner at “Mia Feta” with feta as the main ingredient